Discovering, Learning and Mastering Yourself

Personal mastery is about creating your own life and driving

your own destiny. It is the journey towards understanding yourself, knowing

where you want to go, what you want to do in life and continual learning and

development to help you achieve absolute happiness, success and life


Who is this Course for:

This is for every individual professional focused on personal growth. They include team members, team leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, business owners and top executives.

What you will Learn:

  • How to Identify and fight fears.
  • What are the key criteria for physical wellbeing.
  • How to master your health physically.
  • What are the emotions one experiences.
  • How to master your emotions and be strong emotionally.
  • What is spiritual wellbeing.
  • How to be masterful spiritually.
  • What are the habits of successful people.
  • How to develop and evolve as a Masterful self.

The foundation of the journey towards personal mastery is taking steps to really understand yourself. Personal mastery helps to build proactive behaviour. It is about balancing life, achieve absolute success, happiness and fulfillment in life.

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" Angelina is amazing in delivering the content. From the Course I learnt new perspectives of mastering myself that are commendable in profession and life."

- Shimei Godavarathy, Chief Manager, Yamaha Motors Pvt. Ltd.

"The skills learnt are readily implementable. Loved every bit of learning !!"

- Bhagya Bollipalli, Senior Team Lead, Wipro Technologies

" The whole course is for personal growth. I would recommend this course for every professional. This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!"

- Durga Bhavani, Team Lead, Vimta Labs Limited

"This is an excellent course, loved learning skills that are beneficial for me in my career and life."

- Mamatha Ratnam, Senior Developer, Bae Systems


Your Instructor

Angelina Kukkamalla
Angelina Kukkamalla

Hi, I am Angelina, passionate professional life coach and a trainer of personal development. Had few years of teaching experience and then transitioned into life coaching business. As a trainer I desire to share knowledge about personal development needed by professionals in all walks of life. These series of courses are for increasing your potential to maximum and magnify your strengths for accomplishing greater success in life and profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we learn to implement right away in job or business?
The course lets you learn simple skills and implementable tips in everyday situations and master your personality.
Will there be extra personal support offered for greater learning?
Absolutely, you can join the facebook group "Angelina Personal Mastery Club" and post your doubts and discuss with your peers. I will be actively answering your queries and encourage you to participate for further understanding.
Are you available for one on one coaching?
Yes, I am available for personal coaching one on one at scheduled times, for which you need to reach me out through email for further process of coaching at feasible packages.

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